AAWAAJ - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant





Organisation type



Intervention field

Eradicate all types of sexual, domestic, and conflict-based violence through the process of empowerment.

Goals and activities

  • Creating awareness and consciousness-raising;
  • community support mechanisms, child-friendly spaces;
  • educational programmes;
  • co-ordination of meetings, Advocacy and lobbying;
  • interaction with public service officials, etc.

Poles of experience

  • Child victims of armed conflicts
  • Infancy
  • Early learning
  • Child victims of abus or sexual exploitation
  • Child soldiers

Field projects

  • Community awareness programme
  • Discussions on sexual and domestic violence against women and children
  • Problems faced by older people
  • Women’s participation in all forms of state restructuring
  • Prevention of trafficking
  • WE-Can” radio campaign to end all sexual and domestic violence against women and children
  • Community support mechanisms, etc.


Aawaaj has been working in coordination with other non-governmental organisations against domestic violence, sexual abuse and trafficking. It has also been working to push through the implementation of laws on domestic and sexual violence.
Aawaaj lobbies in the Nepalese media, to denounce all issues related to sexual and domestic violence against women and children.

Contact details

E.P.C. 4259
G. P. O. Box: 8975
Kathmandu , Nepal

Phone: 00977-83-522383/00977-83-523635

Website: http://www.aawaaj.org

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