An agreement between BNCE – Mali and the Chamber of Trade to train children in conflict with the law




BNCE – Mali (National Catholic Child Bureau in Mali), a member of BICE and the Malian National Chamber of Trade signed an agreement to train adolescents in conflict with the law.

Through sustained advocacy, the Malian National Chamber of business organizations is committed to support and train the children who are sent by BNCE – Mali, a BICE member organization. Thus, all adolescents in conflict with the law looked after by BNCE will be able to get very specific training. Wood joinery, metalwork, sewing, and auto-mechanics: there are 70 trades available.

The result of a plea for youths in conflict with the law

This is news we are glad about because it means the State is taking responsibility in the reintegration of youths. This initiative is an appropriate response, as opposed to the growing phenomena of “criminalizing adolescence” observed in many countries and the spread of harsh juvenile justice policies.

As usual in BICE supported projects, vocational rehabilitation is coupled with support to the reintegration of the child’s family. Most teens want, more than anything else, to return to their villages and live with their families.

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