Association Nationale d'Educateurs Sociaux - ANES - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant

Association Nationale d’Educateurs Sociaux – ANES




Organisation type


Democratic Republic of Congo

Intervention field

  • Protecting child rights,
  • training and professionalizing social workers,
  • supporting socio-educational structures and making participative evaluations easier,
  • supporting children in a difficult situation: children from broken families, breaking off from society, children working and young workers…

Goals and activities

The ANES-Congo’s goal is to contribute to the growth, the well-being and, above all, the protection of fundamental rights of children in difficulty, as well as that of their families, by socio-educational actions and/or reinforcing the capacities of targeted agents.

Poles of experience

  • Child workers
  • Formal or informal education for children
  • Child rights
  • Children with no stable family environment and/or from broken families.

Field projects

The ANES-Congo develops the following activities:

  • welcoming and taking care of children in difficult situations,
  • orientating and placing in professional apprenticeship,
  • first and continuing education of social workers,
  • researching, editing, and distributing the result of researches,
  • evaluatinf projects and programmes.


Plea for improving child protection by training social agents.


Research on reinsertion of children from broken families and breaking off from society, and on child workers.

Contact details

Intersection of Av. Kasavubu-Bangala, Commune de Ngaliema – Kinshasa
Democratic Republic of Congo

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