BICE network in Latin America is mobilizing for the well-treatment of children - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant

BICE network in Latin America is mobilizing for the well-treatment of children

From October 15th to November 21st, more than 32 organizations have joined the awareness campaign "A treatment for well-treatment" in Guatemala, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. 



500 young people mobilized

The vaccination campaign “A treatment for well-treatment” has as primary objective to attract the public’s attention to the daily violence towards thousands of children and adolescents.

With this goal, nearly 500 young people are currently mobilized in the streets, schools, hospitals, town halls, and churches, and educate passersby against all forms of violence towards children.

The fact that this campaign is led by young people is not by coincidence: they themselves become promoters of attitudes and behavior respectful of their dignity and integrity.

A vaccine against violence

In order to prepare for this public awareness campaign, mobilized adolescents have participated in training workshops for months on the topic of child abuse and the art of persuasion on the street.

In practice, those “vaccinated”, in other words those people who agreed to talk with these young adolescents, receive candy as a vaccine symbolizing well-treatment and a certificate of vaccination against abuse in order to strengthen and disseminate this awareness message.

All this is possible thanks to the mobilization network of partner organizations and members of BICE: educational and outreach activities that promote social integration, networking and the rights of children and adolescents. 

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