Callescuela - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant





Organisation type

Association nonprofit


Intervention field

  • community education projects; 
  • bolstering schooling and technical training; 
  • support for the children’s and youths’ participation; 
  • projects in health matters, environment and health infrastructure.

Goals and activities

Callescuela mission is to promote the improving the life quality of children and adolescents living on the streets, in the context of promoting child participation, social equity and unconditional respect of the rights of the child.

Field projects

Project with BICE: Right to a life free of violence

Contact details

Norma Duarte
Calle Dr. Sosa No. 436 casi Soldado Ovelar
Fernando de la Mora – Zona Sur
Departamento Central
Asuncion, Paraguay
Tel. (+595 021) 507 477

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