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Childhood in the World Festival

The festival Childhood in the World is a yearly event held in Paris at the 7 Parnassiens cinema (Paris XIVe). It is organised by the International Catholic Child Bureau on the occasion of the Universal Children’s Day.



Childhood in the World is the only festival of documentary films in France dedicated to childhood. It reminds us that children have rights even if they are not always respected.

Why documentary films?

The rights of children are not fiction. Nor are the situations which fail to adhere to these rights. The choice to present these documentaries is the choice to show reality even when the background of these children is difficult and even when we are shocked when they speak about their personal stories.

Childhood in the World is:

  • Extraordinary stories from children which tell us about both the beauty and the wounds in their lives;
  • Documentary films of high standard, often awarded and unreleased in France;
  • A journey around the world showing the challenges that we face;
  • A round table of debates and advocacy.

Each year in Paris, the festival of cinema, Childhood in the World, raises awareness of the rights of the child in the wider public arena so they are respected in a much better way.

A documentary film festival for the 12-99 years of age audience

The documentaries shown during the festival, Childhood in the World, is intended for both adolescents and adults. The screenings will be held in Paris at Les 7 Parnassiens cinema. Some screenings during the day are aimed more for school groups, others are aimed at an adult general public audience.

Film evenings rich in debate

In the evening, the screenings are directed at the general public. The documentaries screened in the evening are usually followed by a round table conference or debates. A way to learn more on the rights of children after the film has shown.

A special offer for school groups

Each year, the many screenings during the day allow schools to participate in the festival. For the day dedicated to the rights of children, BICE proposes to:

  • Come and see one or more documentaries with one’s class (from secondary school);
  • The sessions are chosen with regard to their themes or the language used in the film;
  • Use our comprehensive worksheets on each film to prepare for the screening and to rework the themes with the students;
  • Participate in the Youth Jury by electing a film among five proposed with the class;
  • Take advantage of reduced rates.

More information on our film documentary festival

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