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Children of the world against violence towards children

On the 20 November, Universal Children’s Day, join the campaign launched by BICE and its network throughout the world !



« If I was Mayor… »

Today, organisations from the BICE network will be asking children : « If I was mayor of my town, what would I do to stop violence towards children ? ».

The children’s proposals will create an « Tree of ideas to stop violence towards children ».
Our Indian partner, Aina Trust, has already sent us a few ideas :

  • Abolish child marriages
  • Set up child support helplines
  • Introduce a children’s parliament in each school
These proposals show that laws are sometimes ignored and that children are not aware of the laws protecting them.
Listening to these citizens of tomorrow is essential!

You can support this campaign !

Share this campaign with your children, grandchildren and friends

To do this, send us your children’s ideas:

  • By e-mail, with their name and age
  • On Facebook or Twitter, with their name and age, using the hashtag #StopViolenceBICE

The voice of children, brought to the United Nations

In March 2016, BICE will present these ideas to Mme Marta Santo Pais, Special Representative on Violence Against Children.

Thank you for your contribution, enabling children worldwide to participate in this campaign.

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