Compromiso desde la Infancia y Adolescencia (COMETA) - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant

Compromiso desde la Infancia y Adolescencia (COMETA)




Organisation type

Civil Association


Intervention field

Social and family reintegration of children and adolescents:

  • Criminal liability of adolescents; 
  • Full protection of institutionalized children; 
  • Social Promotion of children and adolescents: protagonistic participation and training (professional players, children and families). 
  • Studies and research on the juvenile justice system in Peru
  • BICE Program “Childhood without bars.” 
  • Research and systematization of best practices
  • Empowerment of actors in the administrative system of justice, social and family rehabilitation and protection of the child and adolescent’ rights

Goals and activities

COMETA contributes to children and adolescents’ integral development, recognizing them as protagonists for the construction of a society grounded on a values-based culture.

Contact details

Rossy Giuliana Gal’Lino Vargas Machuca

María Consuelo Barletta Villarán
Jiron Huascar 1772
Urbanización Fundo Oyaue
Lima 11 Perú.
Tel: (+511) 989 194 067

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