Congregación de las Hermanas de San José de Cuneo - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant

Congregación de las Hermanas de San José de Cuneo



Organisation type

Religious congregation


Intervention field

  • Giving priority attention to the problems of the poorest sectors of society. 
  • Caring for the poorest families’ children and in particular for those who do not have enough or no education. 
  • Street children.

Goals and activities

  • Works of mercy.
  • Irradiating Jesus’ humanity in the modern world. 
  • Giving a voice to the voiceless in every stage of life. 
  • Defending all human persons’ dignity. 
  • Promoting human rights.

Field projects

  • Ventanas abiertas Salud manos in the comunidad Copa de leche Proyecto REDFINA 
  • With Bice: “Happy and healthy children”: implementing sustainable interventions to cater to the specific each community’s specific needs. Integral and popular education: that is the guiding concept of the project.

Contact details

Sister Pascualina Pipino
Coordinator of the community in Puerto Piray, Argentina

Sister Maria Pipino
Barrio San Roque Casa 83
3381 Puerto Piray, Misiones.
Tel. (+54) (0) 3751 460 261

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