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Online resources

With a view to promoting knowledge and respect for children’s rights, BICE has set up an online resource centre. Key legal texts on children’s rights can be consulted freely on this site, as well as reports and projects linked to BICEs actions and network and more generally, linked to child protection. 



Free access to 1000 documents on children’s rights

The resource centre offers almost 1000 documents. Some are available in several languages, others only in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Tamil, Arabic…

Examples of available documents :

  • Reference texts on international law, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Speeches at the UN by BICE or its partners, addressed to the Human Rights Council, or the Committee on the Rights of the Child.
  • Various research projects on childhood, specifically on resilience.
  • National reports on the situation of children’s rights
  • Position papers on key issues for BICE : children with disabilities, juvenile justice, right to education, mistreatment…
  • Audiovisual presentations

How does the resource centre work ?

Select a type of document using keywords, or by selecting certain fields in the categories. You can select several fields in each category by holding the ‘Shift’ key down. No need to validate or press ‘Enter’, the search is automatic and the list of documents corresponding to your search will appear immediately.

The main characteristics of each document will appear under the title and description (language, number of pages, type of document…).

Just click on ‘Open the document’, and the pdf or video will download.

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