Education of vulnerable children and youth in Chinaulta
Education of vulnerable children and youth in Chinaulta

Education of vulnerable children and youth in Chinaulta

In Chinaulta, in the Guatemala City metropolitan area, poverty is omnipresent, especially among the Mayan indigenous population. Children and youth are often socially excluded and they do not regularly attend school.


In this area, education is facing a twofold problem: the absenteeism rate is high and poorly trained teachers in public institutions provide a low-quality education. In that context, school failure is very important and it does not augur well for a better future for the children.

BICE is committed to achieving quality education for the poorest

BICE and its local partner – the Fundaciόn Pedro Poveda (FPP) – have implemented a project to assist 1’000 children and youth aged 5 to 25 years old in their formal and non-formal education and respect their right to quality education.

  • 25 school leavers have daily received courses as part of a mentoring program whose long-term objective is to reintegrate an ordinary curriculum. These children have benefited from a nutritional support plan;
  • A library, a toy library and a computer room have been made available to the community;
  • Hours of tutoring, artistic workshops and computer courses have been offered in these new places;
  • Voluntary work has been encouraged: parents and youth themselves have become the leaders and actors of the school education of the youngest.

Activities in Chinaulta

  • Mentoring program for school leavers
  • Creation of new places of learning and meeting
  • Tutoring and development of artistic activities
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