Our mission :

To defend the rights and dignity of the child worldwide

Right to education for all children

Right to education for all children
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The right to education is the child’s key to a brighter future.

The purpose of our programme is to enable each child in our programme to exercise its right to an education.

BICE acts for the right to education

BICE and its partners and members are convinced that education is essential not only to improve future prospects, but also to limit the different forms of abuse and social exclusion of children.

Education is a form of cooperation between the teacher, the child and his family as well as all other parties concerned.

In all its programmes and projects, BICE and its partners are committed to the right to education. Each year, we provide thousands of children with access to formal or informal education, tutoring or pre-vocational training. 

Key figures

25 000
million children worldwide are not in school (source: UNESCO)
2 000 000€
million girls do not attend school or 1 girl 2 old enough to go to school (source: UNICEF)
in 4 children do not complete primary school (source: UNICEF)
million people worldwide can neither write nor read. Of these, two thirds are women (source: UNESCO)