Our mission :

To defend the rights and dignity of the child worldwide

A rights-based approach

The defense of children's rights and their dignity is at the heart of the mission of the International Catholic Child Bureau. BICE defends this approach founded on rights and not on need. It is a matter of considering all the children in the world as possessors of rights, not just as vulnerable beings with needs that adults must meet, or as miniature adults. When on the subject of rights, children become agents of their own development.  

Acting in the best interests of the child

Whenever a child is being abused, exploited or discriminated against, their fundamental rights are violated, the International Catholic Child Bureau is based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child to act in the best interests of the child.

To ensure the full development of a child, all aspects of their being must be taken into account: physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual.

The player community of the defense of the rights of a child

The defense of the rights of a child must be held by parents, educators, and more broadly throughout the community where a child develops. In each of its projects, BICE strives to involve local communities to raise awareness of children’s rights. The most developed programs are the most efficient.

Rights of the Child, resilience and spirituality

For over 65 years, we defend the rights of children around the world and strive for the best interests of the child. In this fight, three fundamental pillars stand for the dignity of the child: the respect of his/her rights, spiritual growth and resilience.

As a Catholic association, BICE is committed to developing the spirituality of children. We believe that the child needs to make sense of his/her life to overcome his/her injuries and traumas.

This approach is also related to work on resilience undertaken with the children.


Up: Rights

Left: Resilience

Center: Dignity

Right: Spirituality

Three pillars converge to ensure the dignity of the child: the respect of his/her rights, his/her spiritual life and the support on resilience.