Our mission :

To defend the rights and dignity of the child worldwide

Latin America and the Caribbean

::cck::477::/cck::::description::In Latin America and the Caribbean, the rights of the child are partially implemented. Political instability and lack of social measures have served to reinforce the disparities and injustices.
Vulnerable families are the most affected and a large number of children find themselves on the street, victims of sexual exploitation, forced labor or come in conflict with the law. ::/description::


::cck::530::/cck::::description::We operate in Argentina through our member organizations since 1997. Our actions are made possible by working with local communities who actively seek to promote the rights of the child.::/description::


::cck::531::/cck::::description::BICE has been working in Brazil with local partners since 1997 on various projects to help the most vulnerable children.::/description::


Present in Chile since 1997, BICE works primarily in Santiago and in the Valparaiso area. In 2012, BICE was part of a national network "Mesa Pro-BICE" that joins dozens of organizations of childhood protection in Chile. The aim is to fight against sexual abuse and child abuse.


Present in Colombia since 1994, we act primarily on the theme of children in conflict with the law, and we work with our members and local partners in Bogota and Medellin.

Dominican Republic

We have been operating since 2008 with children in the Cultural Center Poveda on the topic of sexual abuse and sex tourism. Our project also includes training in the culture of peace.


We have been present in Ecuador since 1993 and, since 2009, our projects focus particularly on the problems of children in conflict with the law.


::cck::535::/cck::::description::We have been operating in Guatemala since 2009 thanks to member organizations part of BICE network, our partners, and the help of communities that support adolescents and children in conflict with the law.::/description::


BICE works with the help of partner organizations in Peru since 1997 on children in conflict with the law and the fight against sexual abuse.