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BICE and its partners on disability issues joined forces to set up or improve specialized support for children with disabilities, with the aim of promoting integration and fighting discrimination.

Combatting the exclusion of children with disabilities

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was the first international instrument to refer explicitly to children with disabilities by setting out their rights, on the same level as all children.

However, disabled children are particularly vulnerable. They are often neglected by their parents due to traditions, beliefs or economic hardship. Children with disabilities are still sometimes accused of bringing bad luck, and are excluded from their community. In the worst cases, they are chased out with their mothers, or even killed.

Access to education for children with disabilities is difficult and unsuited to their needs. One way to remedy this is to generalize inclusive education, giving children with disabilities the same learning opportunities within the school system as other children.

The inclusive approach encourages students, schools and their staff to be ready to accommodate a disabled child.

Disabled children: BICE acts in Europe / CIS and in Africa

Faced with this situation, BICE has acted on behalf of with children with disabilities in Europe / CIS and in Ivory Coast for over 20 years.

Many actions are carried out with our partner organizations in the field:

  • Support for families
  • Training of professionals to provide better support for children with disabilities, to assist them in developing their motor and mental skills
  • Development of inclusive education in mainstream schools
  • Support for day centres for the development and rehabilitation of children with disabilities
  • Contribution to the early detection of diseases which can lead to physical disability

BICE and its partners also work with communities to change attitudes about disabled children.

Key figures per year

  • Approximately 4700 disabled children receive support
  • 1200 childhood professionals are trained in Europe / CIS and Africa by BICE and its partners
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