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Fight against sexual abuse in Argentina

In Argentina, sexual abuse and violence against children and adolescents affect all social classes. Over 30% of the Argentinian population is under 18 years old; 20% of these children live below the extreme poverty line. Approximately 17,000 children live in shelters and foster homes without their parents. (source: UNICEF and Encuesta permanente de Hogares (Argentinian national census). They are the first victims of sexual abuse and violence.  



BICE fights against sexual abuse

Since 1997, BICE has been working with its partners for the defense of children’s rights in Argentina.

As part of our current programme “Fight against sexual abuse”, our objectives are to:

  • Educate children and adults about the seriousness of sexual abuse, with the aim of reducing the number of sexual abuse cases
  • Train children to help in the fight against abuse
  • Promote proper treatment in couples, families, school, the community …
  • Encourage children to stand up for their rights
  • Strengthen BICE’s Argentinean network for more impact at local and regional levels

Focus Activity: vaccination campaign for welfare

The “vaccination for welfare” campaign, part of the “Fight against sexual abuse” programme in Argentina, is the focus of national media attention:

  • Convening of all Argentinian associations involved in child protection,
  • Training of youth, educators and representatives of these institutions and organizations,
  • Preparation of relay teams: campaign workshops on children’s rights, child abuse, sexual abuse, relationships between generations, activities to promote reflections on welfare
  • Once a year, “week of vaccination for welfare” takes place in many locations simultaneously; children encourage passers-by on the street to commit to the fight against abuse. In return, the children hand them a certificate of “vaccination”.

Key figures of the programme

In total, more than 2,400 people – children and adults – benefit directly from activities:

  • 200 children participate in multidisciplinary workshops on the theme of child abuse,
  • 200 young people lead the annual vaccination campaign
  • 2000 people (children and adults) are affected by this campaign
  • 10 organizations work with BICE to strengthen the implementation of child rights in Argentina.

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