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24 November 2014 | 15:26

Fight against sexual abuse in Cambodia

Fight against sexual abuse in Cambodia
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We count about 40.000 women and child victims of the sex trade in Cambodia (source: Euronews 2012).

Children in Cambodia are particularly exposed to sexual abuse due to several factors:

  • Extreme poverty of the country
  • Strategic position within South-East Asia for the exploitation and sex-tourism
  • Low levels of education of parents and children
  • Poor knowledge of children’s rights and judiciary procedures

Confronted by the emotional distress of the child victims of sexual abuse and an increasing need for support, the psychological, health and hygiene support services are helpless and insufficient.

BICE acts to fight sexual abuse

Since 2000, BICE has been implementing projects in Cambodia with local organizations.

For our program “fighting sexual abuse” in the Sihanoukville area in South Cambodia, we work in partnership with the association « Opérations Enfants du Cambodge » (Operations Children of Cambodia) to:

  • Sensitize and mobilize communities and authorities to the risks of sexual abuse to children
  • Training to bring them the necessary competences to detect the cases of abuse and improve the judiciary treatment of child victims of sexual abuse
  • Favour resilience and the recovery of child victims of sexual abuse
  • Reinforce child education and their knowledge of children’s rights

Activities against sexual abuse in Cambodia

The program “fighting sexual abuse” in Cambodia includes several activities:

  • Create schools to support the schooling of at risk or abused children, and those who are isolated or no longer going to school
  • Implement spaces for listening and playing : leisure activities, educational therapy to allow the development of self-esteem, of identity and of social skills
  • Organize training and support groups for children, their parents and their communities to improve awareness of children’s rights and the issues linked to sexual abuse
  • Accompany child victims of sexual abuse with the support of their family and community

Yearly key figures for the project

In total over 2,500 people – children and adults combined – benefit directly from the activities of the program fighting sexual abuse.