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Fight against sexual abuse in the Dominican Republic
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Fight Against Sexual Abuse in Dominican Republic

Sexual tourism and sexual abuse are very common in Dominican Republic. It is therefore necessary to inform children and young people how to fight this plague and face the dangers.



Additionally, education in Dominican Republic is still taught in a traditional manner that does not allow much room to the development of critical thinking.

BICE acts against sexual abuse in the Dominican Republic

Since 2008, the BICE and its local partner, the Poveda Cultural Center, have worked together to fight sexual abuse.

The objectives of this partnership are:

  • To develop the accompaniment of teenagers at risk and victims of sexual abuse
  • Inform teenagers on Humans’ rights, the culture of peace and citizen participation
  • Favour the organization of preventive actions by the teenagers themselves against sexual abuse

The agreement signed between our partner CCP and the Ministry of National Education in Dominican Republic allow us to involve school teachers and the representative of public institutions in preventing sexual abuse.

Activities in the Dominican Republic

The program “fighting sexual abuse” in Dominican Republic plans several activities:

  • Workshops on issues teenagers encounter, allowing them to address themes such as humans’ and citizens’ rights, etc.
  • Workshops on self-confidence, identity, etc.
  • The organization of a festival on well-treatment.
  • The creation of an educational mural

Changes proposed to education that combine thinking, teaching and actions encourage the personal development of teenagers, for example developing peace culture.

Key figures of the project in Dominican Republic

This project directly affects 150 teenagers, who have been informed about Human’s rights and citizen participation in order to prevent sexual abuse against children.

It also indirectly affects thousands of people who will be trained to fight sexual exploitation and to promote peace culture thanks to preventative actions lead by the BICE and the CCP.

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