Fight Against Sexual Abuse in DR Congo - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant

Fight Against Sexual Abuse in DR Congo

Sexual abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) concerns mainly vulnerable children; the deteriorating situation of public policies is all the more alarming and disturbing. Due to extreme poverty, several generations of families live on the street. Parents are unable to provide good living conditions for their children, who are victims of both exploitation and exclusion. The State provides no support for these children, particularly not victims of sexual abuse. The situation of girls is of particular concern, the scandal of mass rape in the East of the country is widespread. The perpetrators are not prosecuted and the victims receive no help.


BICE fights against sexual abuse

BICE has worked in DR Congo since 1996, directly for the first 15 years, and currently in partnership with the BNCE DRC.

Under the interregional programme “Fight against sexual abuse” BICE and BNCE RDC provide training to childcare professionals to better protect at-risk children or victims of sexual abuse.

Activities for the prevention of sexual abuse

Training activities for the prevention of sexual abuse in DRC are key steps to progressively reduce the incidence of sexual violence.

BICE trains the BNCE DRC team on the issue of sexual violence (prevention, identification, care and rehabilitation of child victims). The aim is to build a team of resource persons who will in turn of train other childcare professionals in the DRC.

Key figures of the programme

It is difficult to quantify the number of people who will be trained in the long term; the success of this project lies in the multiplier effect of training.

Each professional who is trained by BICE will in turn train 5 other people; 25 professionals will thus be educated to deal with this issue. Each professional’s mission is to work with children, families and communities to improve the prevention of abuse and the treatment of child victims.

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