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Fight Against Sexual Abuse in Guatemala

In Guatemala, children and adolescents are unaware of their rights, and thus do not often defend them. Children’s rights are violated on a constant basis. There are at least 11,000 cases of sexual abuse of children every year in Guatemala. (source: UNICEF, 2005). One in every 7 children subjected to violence has suffered sexual abuse. In 80% of cases, sexual violence occurs within the family circle. 70% of abused female children contract sexually transmitted diseases. (source: CONACMI 2013)  



BICE fights against sexual abuse

BICE has been working on projects in Guatemala since 2009. Our partner on the “Fight against sexual abuse” programme is the ODHAG (Office for Human Rights of the Archdiocese of Guatemala), in Guatemala City.

In this context of widespread ignorance of the problem, the objectives of our programme are to:

  • Train and support childhood professionals and church institutions in developing their own internal policy of child protection,
  • Provide those involved with information and tools to promote proper treatment and prevent cases of abuse,
  • Educate the public about the laws and procedures for reporting cases of sexual abuse,
  • Protect children from the dangers of abuse

Activities against sexual abuse in Guatemala

A training programme for 20 child protection organizations was established, on the following topics:

  • Introduction to the concepts of proper treatment and sexual abuse,
  • Explanation of the legal framework,
  • Managing situations of abuse and child support,
  • Management of abusive situations in organizations and institutions,
  • Participation of children in the context of a protection policy,
  • Establish child protection policies that are adapted to the institution.

Key figures of the program

  • 20 organizations are directly involved in the programme
  • 3,500 professionals and children benefit directly from child protection policies established by the organizations in the programme

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