Fight Against Sexual Abuse in Ivory Coast - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant

Fight Against Sexual Abuse in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast was very shaken by the political and economic crisis of 2010. Unfortunately, cases of violence including sexual abuse are not uncommon, with children being the first victims. The state is often unable to take proper care of children (provide shelter, psychological support, aid for victims ...). Administrative malfunctions regularly lead to violations of child rights.  


BICE fights against sexual abuse

BICE has worked in Ivory Coast since 1987, directly at first, and currently in partnership with DDE-CI (Dignity and Rights for Children in Ivory Coast), on the issue of child sexual abuse.

The aims of our “Fight against sexual abuse” programme in Ivory Coast are:

  • To identify children who are victims of sexual abuse
  • To provide better psychological and social support
  • To ensure lasting rehabilitation for children with their families and community, in school or professionally
  • To train and support our partner DDE-CI in developing its internal child protection policy
  • To promote resilience in children
  • To educate families and communities about sexual abuse and children’s rights

DDE-CI also relies on the Local Protection Committees (LPC): these are groups of resource-persons in each village or neighborhood. They help to identify child victims, teach communities and families about sexual abuse, and oversee the successful reintegration of child victims.

Activities against sexual abuse

The “Fight against sexual abuse” programme encompasses different activities, implemented with the BNCE-Togo:

  • Providing a home for children in a suitable centre
  • Basic needs: housing, food, health …
  • Educators, psychologists, doctors and social workers determine the best psychological and legal support to help the child overcome his injuries
  • Defining a plan for the child’s future: helping him and his family prepare for his future
  • Follow-up support for children after their stay at the centre
  • Dissemination of methods of prevention of sexual abuse and training for professionals in proper support for child victims of sexual abuse
  • Awareness workshops on children’s rights and on sexual abuse, for children, families, the community and public authorities
  • Training of journalists and organizing of awareness campaigns with the media.

Key figures of the programme

In total, over 1,000 people – children and adults – benefit directly from activities against sexual abuse in Ivory Coast:

  • 200 child victims of sexual abuse now receive better support
  • 250 children protected from sexual abuse through awareness workshops
  • 150 parents and community members trained in children’s rights and in prevention against sexual abuse
  • 210 professionals trained in counselling and prevention techniques
  • 120 legal professionals trained in listening to young victims with the appropriate care and respect
  • 10 Local Protection Committees assisted and supported, to become autonomous in their identification of child victims and to better assist these children with reintegration
  • 120 representatives of local authorities educated

    and on...