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Fight Against Sexual Abuse in Russia

In Russia, sexual abuse and mistreatment of children are still widespread. Government prevention policies date from the Soviet era, and are no longer adapted to today's society; they focus more on moralising the child than encouraging communication and reflection. In 2008, 126,000 children were abused in Russia (Source: RIA Novosti 2009) and 77,000 families were deprived of their parental rights (source: NGO Advisory Committee for the United Nations study on violence against children). Moreover, there are few specialised care services which actively support parents, enabling them to improve relationships with their children and to adopt a positive and non-violent educational approach.  



BICE fights against sexual abuse in Russia

Since 2005, BICE has worked with different local partners in Russia.

The goals of our “Fight against sexual abuse” 2014-2017 programme are:

  • To reduce and prevent situations of violence, including domestic violence
  • To teach children to identify and deal with dangerous situations that can lead to violence
  • Provide quality counselling
  • Promote resilience and recovery of child victims of sexual abuse
  • Educate and engage the community and children in the promotion of children’s rights
  • Encourage children to stand up for their rights
  • Improve communications and parent-child relationships
  • Improve parental knowledge and skills of teachers in the field of violence prevention
  • Promote positive approach and educational methods  

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