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8 April 2016 | 13:46

Sri Lanka: guaranteeing children’s education on tea plantations

Sri Lanka: guaranteeing children’s education on tea plantations
©Veronica Hurtubia

BICE supports a project to guarantee a better access to education for children working on tea plantations in Sri Lanka.

Children on tea plantations take the school route once again

The tea industry represents today one of the pillars of the Sri Lankan economy.

Workers in the plantations are faced with extremely difficult work conditions and live in very precarious conditions.

Children are particularly touched by this situation: malnutrition, difficulty in accessing treatment…

Most of them quit school very early so they can work in the plantations and bring additional income to their family.

For BICE, in collaboration with two members from its network, Catholic University of Milano and the Association Francesco Realmonte, support a project of access to education in the four tea plantations in the South of Sri Lanka.

Within a reception centre reserved for this particular use, a congregation from the Sœurs de la Charité give the children daily tutoring.

Thanks to this project, we estimate that more than 200 children can take the school route once again.

Awareness on education’s importance

Many parents, who have not been to school themselves, don’t understand importance of education for their children to get out of poverty.

The project therefore is organising awareness actions for parents and communities in order to show that children’s education will improve their future prospects.