Our mission :

To defend the rights and dignity of the child worldwide

4 November 2014 | 10:39

Hogar de Cristo


Organisation type

Movement and Church Service


Intervention field

Children, families, the community.

Goals and activities

Hogar de Cristo seeks to heighten awareness of the daily problems of destitute people, to encourage initiatives aimed at relieving the suffering of children, and to denounce these problems.

Poles of experience

  • Formal and informal education for children
  • Handicapped children
  • Child victims of violence and mistreatment
  • Children without a stable family background and/or children in situations of family breakdown.

Field projects

  • Work with children and youths in social risk situations :  mothers and child victims of family violence ; families or persons in situations of poverty or extreme poverty ; victims of urban or slum poverty ;  homeless people ; handicapped people who live in extreme poverty or destitution ; the terminally ill ; homeless elderly people.
  • Rehabilitation of children and youths at risk of abandonment, marginalisation, drug addiction, alcoholism, who are without hope for a better future.


Analyse new forms of poverty which may develop.

Contact details

Hogar de Cristo 3812
Estación Central

Phone number: (02) 540 93 00

E-mail: hcristo@hogardecristo.cl

Website: www.hogardecristo.com