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17 March 2012 | 14:29

In 2012, you can become a hero for children!



Join the 2012 Heroes’ Race to support our program “Despite handicaps, we are all children”, held in Ivory Coast!

The Heroes’ Race is a solidariy event open to all, an opportunity to actively engage in a cause dear to your hearts. This is a commitment to run – or walk! – 6 km and ask your friends and relatives to support your effort by providing a financial contribution that will be donated to the organisation of your choice.

BICE is participating for the first time in this event and you are all invited to join us in this sporting challenge by collecting donations. These gifts will be donated to our actions in Ivory Coast for children with disabilities, where sport is part and parcel of the program.
You will find it helpful to use your personal online collection page. That way, we are mobilizing effectively together on behalf of the neediest children!
It’s very simple; see the procedure below:


How to participate?


1. Visit the site now: coursedesheros.com, and register individually or as a team. Choose BICE as beneficiary association.


You choose the city where you want to run: this year, the Heroes’ Race will take place on June 3rd in Lille, on June 10th in Lyon, on June 17th in Paris and on October 14th in Marseille.

2. Mobilize those close to you: family, friends, colleagues and neighbors and invite them to sponsor your challenge. The goal of each participant in the Heroes’ Race is to collect €300 in donations (or more!).

Note: donations on the collection pages for the benefit of BICE are 66% tax deductible by each donor!

3. On D day, run or walk the 6 km! We propose a T-shirt with BICE’s own name and colours for each runner who supports us. And if you run in Paris, of course join the BICE exhibition stand to meet our team before and after the race and share a moment of exchange in a cheerful atmosphere.

The funds raised through your commitment will help us support our “Despite our handicaps we are all children in Ivory Coast” project. It is important to know and get others to know why you are participating and the purpose of the collected donations!

4. To all those who wish to support this initiative without participating or who do not know participants, we suggest you make a donation to the team of BICE runners. Thank you!




Check out the video of the 2011 Heroes’ Race 


{phocadownload view=youtube|url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr2qflAaV08&feature=channel}


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Please circulate this message widely around you to publicize this initiative. Thank you for your support!