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International conferences

Conferences : Sharing good practice and Stimulating reflection The International Conferences held by the International Catholic Bureau for Children (BICE) are significant moments in the struggle to protect the dignity and the rights of children. In partnership with the general public, BICE’s international network convenes to discuss the key issue of protecting the dignity and the rights of children.



Every two years, the International Catholic Bureau for Children (BICE) reunites its partners to discuss the key issue of protecting children. The BICE also invites a well-informed public audience to participate in discussions on a given topic.

The International Conference : a highlight in BICE’s actions for children

The Conference is a significant moment for the BICE, its network members and its partners, allowing the assessment of the application of the Convention on tghe Right s of the Child.

The International Conference serves as a tool for advocacy, for reflection and protection of children, raises awareness among the general public as to children’s rights, and stimulates exchanges on good practice, thereby facilitating the BICE’s fulfillment of its social mission.

Whatever the topic, the Conference sounds the alert regarding a reality that often disregards children’s rights. Through these events, the BICE shares its know-how and its good practice in prevention and support for each person involved in protecting the rights of children, in order to gain in efficiency.

The recommendations given at the closing of the Conference aim to encourage national and international communities as well as grassroots organisations to adopt good practices on the key topic discussed.

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