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Juvenile Justice in Ecuador

In Ecuador, juvenile justice is governed by the Code for the Child and Adolescent. It defines : Non-accountability for children The age of criminal liability, set at 12 years of age in Ecuador (13 years in France) Socio-educational measures for the rehabilitation of the adolescent and to redress the harm caused by the offense. The INNFA (National Institute for Childhood and Adolescence) runs state-financed activities on the themes of respect for children’s rights, nutrition, education and psycho-emotional support for children in detention.  



BICE acts for restorative justice

In Ecuador, BICE works with the Tertiary Capuchins. Thanks to its expertise in juvenile justice, our partner was appointed by the INNFA to manage the country’s youth counselling centres.

The aims of the Childhood without bars programme are based on the National Ten-Year Plan for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents.

This plan stipulates :

  • A strengthening of the juvenile justice
  • The application of alternative measures to custody for children in conflict with the law
  • Training for members of the legal profession
  • Awareness-raising for members of government and networks of child protection organisations

These activities take place in the “La Dolorosa” Centre in Quito. Adolescents in conflict with the law spend their last months of custody here, and prepare their social and educational reintegration.


  • Psycho-social, legal, nutritional, medical and healthcare support
  • Basic education classes for adolescents who are due to be released, and for adolescents who are doing community service
  • Post-institutional support for children and their families within the community
  • Training on juvenile justice for police officers
  • Organization of a seminar with social workers from closed and open detention centres
  • Training for psychosocial teams, on remedial teaching
  • Meetings and workshops on positive parenting at the La Dolorosa centre, with the parents of children who are due to be released
  • Signing of a convention in collaboration with the Public Defender’s office, to provide support for children who are completing a non-custodial sanction
  • Organisation of an awareness-raising campaign with 8 radio programmes ; editing of a journal, and distribution of 200 newsletters

Key figures per year

  • 50 adolescents in conflict with the law
  • 100 members of minors’ family circles (parents, tutors, communities…)
  • 67 persons involved in juvenile justice (judges, personnel, judicial police…)
  • 113 social workers from closed detention centres

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