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Juvenile Justice in Peru

In Peru, juvenile justice is governed by the Child and Adolescent Code. It sets out the following : The age of criminal responsibility is set at 12 years of age (in France, 13 years) Socio-educational measures must be aimed at the rehabilitation of adolescents In Peru, 2381 children were deprived of liberty in 2004, while 1298 adolescents performed youth work in open custody1. Between 2003 and 2005, most adolescents in conflict with the law committed minor offenses such as theft (40 % in 2005) or acts of incidency (23 % in 2005). In 2010, only 21.57 % of adolescents in open custody had access to the Adolescent Counselling Service, a public body whose aim is to prepare and support the child in its rehabilitation within the community3. (Sources: 1.Open custody includes all alternative measures to imprisonment which focus on the recovery and rehabilitation of the child in conflict with the law. These measures can be designated at or after sentencing, or in the execution of socio-educational measures (semi-liberty). 2. Revue Justicia para Crecer “La privación de libertad para los adolescentes: solución o daño mayor” Terre des Hommes et Encuentros.)



BICE acts for restorative justice

In Peru, BICE works with two local organisations, members of our network :

These organisations are responsible for running the Childhood without Bars programme in five Youth Counselling Centres.

We also work with the National Youth Secretariat and the Ministry for Women and Social Development, Education and Health.


  • Training of psychosocial teams, to provide support for children serving a non-custodial sanction
  • Organisation of two seminars : “The media and juvenile justice” and “Progress and challenges faced by juvenile justice systems”
  • Studies on the administration of justice, socio-familial rehabilitation, restorative justice and problems linked to sexuality in the support of children in conflict with the law
  • Workshops on personal projects for adolescents in conflict with the law
  • Workshops on creating a micro-business
  • Musical training workshop “Wayna Hop”
  • Workshops on reading and story-writing
  • Workshops on positive parenting
  • Creation and broadcast of radio adverts, in collaboration with children in risk situations, in conflict with the law and with their families
  • Workshops in collaboration with the Ministry for Justice, to present public policies of prevention and support for children in conflict with the law
  • Creation of a collective at the closed detention centre of Lima, in collaboration with members of civil society
  • Organisation of an awareness campaign.

Key figures per year

  • 90 adolescents in conflict with the law
  • 80 members of the family circle of minors (parents, tutors, communities…)
  • 130 persons involved in the juvenile justice system (judges, personnel, judicial police…)
  • 130 social workers from closed detention centres
  • 30 members of the media informed on juvenile justice (radios, TV, written press…)

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