Our mission :

To defend the rights and dignity of the child worldwide

4 November 2014 | 10:53

Juventud para Cristo en Uruguay (JPC)


Organisation type

Civil Association


Intervention field

  • Teachers and technicians training
  • Production of programs and didactic materials
  • Institutional Council
  • Biblical and Theological Reflection
  • Massive events to foster public awareness
  • Social and political advocacy

Goals and activities

  1. Reaching the country’s children and youth with the message of Christ and hope to contribute to Man’s and society’s moral and spiritual welfare. 
  2. Establish empowerment centers for adolescents’ and youths’ moral, spiritual, physical and cultural development. 
  3. Research and action schemes centered around deprived children and adolescents

Field projects

  • Education and work schemes. Social inclusion through educational and work proposals. 
  • Claves Program. Prevention of sexual abuse and child abuse. Production of teaching materials, methodological proposals, training, advocacy and campaigns.
  • Community Development Program based on childhood. CAIF (infants) centers, IMPULSA juvenile centers, center for the promotion of youth. 
  • Art and faith.

Contact details

General Coordinador
Hugo Ramón Píriz Cantón
Manuel Acuña 3033
Montevideo, Uruguay
Tel. (+598) 269 873 21

Contact with BICE
Luis Antonio Cesari
General Program Coordinator
Tel. (+598) 995 141 414