Our mission :

To defend the rights and dignity of the child worldwide

4 November 2014 | 10:56

Kinderhilfe Bethlehem – KHB


Organisation type

Movement and Church Service


Goals and activities

Childrens Relief Bethlehem is runing the Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem to porvide medical care for all children in the region. Social workers projects of other NGOs for chldren, women and families are supported.

Poles of experience

  • Children who are victims of armed conflicts
  • Children with disabilities
  • Early childhood – Early learning
  • Health and development of the child

Contact details

Winkelriedstrasse, 36
CH-6002 – Luzern

Phone number: + 41 41 429 00 00

E-mail: info@khb-mail.ch

Website: www.kinderhilfe-bethlehem.ch