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We all know too well : so many thousands of children are in need of a helping hand… unfortunately, we cannot help them all, across the world. So why choose BICE to share during Lent?




Every year BICE invites you to share in Lent: 40 days to walk towards God and pray for children.

  • In 2016, we invite you to pray along with BICE for children who have been victims to violence throughout the world.

Bashanti Shahi, 7 years old, tells BICE of his ordeal: “ My father would lock me up in my room when he left, and beat me when he got home. I thought I had done something wrong, but I learned that he doesn’t have the right to do that ”.

  • In 2015, we invited you to discover the Lenten message of Monseigneur Robert Vitillo, our new Ecclesiastic Assistant to the BICE:

Let us have the courage to ask ourselves these questions: are we open to the love and the grace of God every day? Let us take the time to hear His call: are we ready to show him our love with all our beings: body, spirit and soul? Let us follow the second commandment of our Father: love thy neighbor as thyself…? ”

Choosing the BICE for your Lent donation, a choice for the children

Because the BICE means:

  • 67 years of existence, of experience and of expertise for the children. The BICE thus is part of the initiators of the International Convention for Children’s rights as early as the 1970s.
  • Concrete programmes to fight the mistreatment of children and in favour of their education, which help 20,000 children in 25 countries.
  • The only international catholic network specialised in defending children’s rights, made up of over 60 organisations in the world.
  • An organisation with a human side which works in close proximity with trustworthy and reliable partners in the field.
  • A long term outlook helping children to in becoming a dignified and serene adult.
  • A permanent reflection to identify needs, for instance, today; we are working on fighting the violence happening on the internet.
  • A constant plea in favour of children’s rights, to promote public policies that are appropriate at every level, from the most international to the most local.

These are all reasons to give my Lent donation to the BICE

I make a donation to BICE

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