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3 October 2015 | 12:20

Mobilization against lowering the age of criminal liability in Brazil: toward a victory?

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In Brazil an amendment aiming to reduce the age of criminal liability from 18 to 16 years old, was introduced and voted by the Chamber of Deputies. Last week, representatives from the Brazilian government assured the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child that this reform will not be approved by the Senate.

Review of Brazil by the Committee on the Rights of the Child

On September 21 and 22, Brazil was reviewed by experts at the Committee on the Rights of the Child in order to report on the progress made with regard to the protection of the rights of children.

Issues relating to juvenile justice and notably the amendment aimed at lowering the age of criminal liability were particularly eagerly awaited by BICE and its member organisation in Brazil, the Pastoral do Menor, all of whom have been rallying together for many months so this reform is rejected.

Brazil’s commitment to reject the reform lowering the age of criminal liability

During the review, the Committee expressed significant concerns on the constitutional amendment aiming to reduce criminal liability from the age of 18 to 16 and make the sanctions imposed on children and adolescents in conflict with the law heavier.

The Brazilian delegation assured that the federal government and civil society are against this amendment and equally maintained that thanks to the present mobilization, the Senate must not approve the reform.

BICE and its partners applaud this announcement but remain mobilized and will not relax their efforts until the Senate rejects the reforms.

Find the webcast of the Brazilian review by the Committee on the Rights of the Child by clicking here.

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BICE, Pastoral do Menor and all the partners from the program Childhood without Bars have been mobilized to stop the adoption of this amendment, incompatible with Brazil’s international commitments: