Partnership Agreement between BICE and ten Catholic Chilean organizations - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant

Partnership Agreement between BICE and ten Catholic Chilean organizations

The new national network « Pro BICE-Chili » confirms the commitment of all of its members to promote the rights of children, to integrate this aspect into their institutional planning and to encourage reflection in the Church and other institutions. We emphasize that over 60 000 children are attended to by programs developed by the signatory organizations of the BICE partnership in Chile. Numerous institutions, in conjunction with BICE, are involved in coordinating this national network to promote children’s rights. Some of these institutions are already members of the BICE network, such as the curacy of education, the pastoral curacy of social work, Caritas Chili,  Fondation Emmanuel, Fondation Hogar de Cristo, the Mariste brethren, the La Salle brethren, the Salésiens, the Jesuit network of education and the Conference of clergymen, priests and nuns (CONFERRE).    In his letter addressed to the signatory organizations, BICE president Yves Marie-Lanoë emphasizes that this agreement “is an example of innovation in network-building, and we hope that it can be used in other countries in the region, contributing thus to the advancement of the cause that we have in common: the defense of the dignity and the progress of the rights of the child, and the unwavering respect for their persons, their culture, their community, and their religion.” His lordship Ricardo Ezzati, Archbishop of Santiago, President of the Chilean Episcopal Conference, and Carmen Serrano, BICE head of Latin America and the Caribbean, were the witnesses to the signing of this agreement. His lordship Ezzati also expressed the importance of the agreement: “Rights are based on dignity, because we are created in the image and the likeness of God. Rights are not a minimum, but a maximum to which we should aspire. I encourage the institutions that have signed this agreement to create an increasingly sturdy network to better serve with love.”  BICE is delighted by the creation of this new force at the service of children and works on other initiatives for the same goal. Read the agreement here (in spanish).



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