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Protect toddlers from the hell of silk mills




At Sidlaghatta in India, the children of working women in silk mills spend the day beside their Moms in an environment filled with smoke, dust, boiling water and fire. 

Our new project aims at implementing a system suited to look after children aged 1 to 6 years as well as support nutritional and medical aid.

Since March 2012, BICE has gone on with its action in India, at Sidlaghatta, in partnership with the Aina Trust, a local NGO, for the protection of children.

Sidlaghatta, in the Bangalore region, has 400 silk unreeling factories. Workers’ children, unfortunately, often begin their lives in very difficult conditions, as their mothers have no other choice than keep them with them in an utterly unhealthy atmosphere.

The currently starting project will change the situation: this year to start with, some sixty children between 1 and 6 years will be taken care of thanks to a system of home care that will enable them to thrive in a safe and healthy environment. To begin with, 20 Women in the community will be trained in the profession of childminder. Training in child development will also be organized geared to mothers. Click here for more information.

At the launch of the Project, the guest of honour, Mr. Sudhakar, general counsel and member of the Committee on Child Protection in the district of Chikkabalapur, thanked these women for their involvement in this project, as well as the organisations Aina Trust and BICE.

Mrs Marie Chelladurai, Director of the Aina trust in Bangalore, stressed how well that project met the needs of the children in the Sidhalghatta community, and the efforts made by the BICE to implement it. We also wish to emphasize the involvement of the OK World Foundation, the project financial partner.

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