Religiosos Terciarios Capuchinos - BICE - ONG de protection des droits de l'enfant

Religiosos Terciarios Capuchinos




Organisation type

Religious congregation


Intervention field

It is an organisation committed to searching for alternatives that allow personal development and improvement of the quality of life of children, adolescents, youth, families and community groups, especially the ones considered in a difficult situation. Its work is based on the Amigoniana Philosophy, children rights, the leading role of children and youth, resilience, with the support of different disciplines.

Its immediate objectives include:

  • The harmonious development of the child’s personality in a situation of safe and happy existence
  • The provision ofguidelines about his well-being and the creation of new models of personal, family and social identification.
  • The progressive integration and fully responsible participation in the structures and dynamics of their environment.
  • The promotion of cultural and human development, as well as adoption of ethical criteria to direct his personal, civic and professional behavior.
  • Professional training as a releasing support to their frustration and significant value in society.

Poles of experience

  • Child labour
  • Children deprived of liberty – Children in conflict with the law
  • Formal and informal education for children
  • Children protagonists – Child participation
  • Child health and development
  • Resilience
  • Child rights

Field projects

The Pastoral Office OPAN, develops programs of attention:

  • Conditional liberty
  • Support to working children
  • Work training and job training.


  • Promote the exercise and defense of children rights, ensuring attention to their needs in biological, educational, social and spiritual fields.
  • Boosting human development in the Amigoniana family, from the knowledge and promotion of human dignity and Christian experience.
  • Create, promote and facilitate the exchange of information and re-educational experiences between this and programs with other institutions or other programs at educational, pedagogical, training and therapeutic levels.
  • Promotion of different activities aimed at obtaining resources, by identifying needs and offering projects.

Contact details

Via Blumenstihl 28-36
00135 – Rome

Phone number: +39 063055931



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