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15 December 2016 | 11:00

«Resilience tutors » to help children victims of violence

©C. Serrano

Childhood professionals from Latin America met in Guatemala in order to attend a training course on «resilience tutors ». The aim? To provide a better support to children victims of traumatic experiences.

For over a year, BICE has been organising «resilience tutors » training courses in different countries (Ukraine, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, …) to provide tools and methods to childhood professionals in order to promote the resilience of children who faced traumatic experiences.

These training courses are part of the campaign «Peace messengers», launched by BICE at Christmas in 2015.

Reviewing these experiences which have been responding to the request of some members of BICE network in Latin America, BICE has organised a similar training in Guatemala.

Supporting the resilience process of children victims of violence

From 1st to 3 September 2016, 52 childhood professionals from Guatemala, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Honduras and Chile, gathered in Antigua, in Guatemala, in order to attend a training course on «resilience tutors ».

Most of these professionals work with children victims of violence or living in a context of extreme vulnerability caused by exclusion and poverty.

The training course was conducted by Veronica Hurtubia Toro, of the Research Unit on Resilience of the Catholic University of Milan and by Carmen Serrano of BICE.

Alternating theoretical and practical aspects, all the participants had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on:

  • the internal and external resources of the child, making it possible to overcome the trauma
  • the expression of the feelings
  • how to support and develop the resilience of children

A guide on resilience to come

BICE is currently finalizing a guide in 4 different languages (French, English, Spanish and Russian), whose objective is to engage in systematic «resilience tutors » trainings.

This guide will offer, among others, different pyscho-pedagogical workshops to help «resilience tutors » find adapted methods allowing to foster resilience in children through numerous expressive languages.