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27 May 2011 | 14:43

Success of our International Congress


The “Maison de l’UNESCO” granted us the honour of hosting the inaugural session of the BICE’s Congress “The right to education for children estranged from their family and socially excluded” on Monday, May 23rd.

Approximately 300 participants attended the rich and varied interventions, providing lighting and perspectives on the essential question of the right to education for children estranged from their families and socially excluded.

After the general speeches of Mr. TANG (Assistant Director-General for education at UNESCO), Mr. ZIMERAY (Ambassador for human rights of the French Republic), Mr. CONTENT (General Director of the apprentices of Auteuil) and Mr. MARIE-LANOE (President of BICE), the interventions of the following experts allowed to present some innovative and particularly relevant experiences for a better response to the rights of these vulnerable children:

  • Ms. Cristina COGGI, Professor of experimental pedagogy at the University of Turin, referred to the Phoenix project, which uses new technologies as a resilience tool for children in difficult situations;
  • Mr. Lorenzo TEBAR, Psychologist, Doctor in Sciences of Education, drew attention to the urgent need to better train the teachers to avoid situations of failure;
  • Ms. Cristina CASTELLI, Professor of Sciences of Education at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, presented the “Factory of Talent (Fabrique du Talent)”, a method which is aimed at young people in situation of trauma and allows them to begin to rebuild themselves;
  • Mr. FERNANDEZ, General Director of the University College Henry Dunant in Geneva, and Mr. SINGH, Special Reporter of the United Nations on the right to education, then pointed out the major prospects for development included in the exercise of the right to education.

The day ended brilliantly with the intervention of Mr. DELEVOYE, President of the economic, social and environmental Council and Mediator of the French Republic, which concluded with a fundamental question at the heart of our Congress.

“The drama of the 21st century is isolation, including in collective places. Our education systems tend to protect their comfort so that when things are not going well, we exclude, rather than include. (…) How to educate children who are estranged from their families? Or suffering because they dropped out of school, because they have migrated from another country or are living in the street ? The real question is whether our system feeds these failures, or reduces these failures ? »

The chorus of the Apprentis d’Auteuil « Family One » animated the cocktail of closing of the day, in a moment of exchange between the participants of the meeting.
Many thanks to all those who came and contributed to the realization of this event for the rights of the child!