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27 May 2015 | 09:57

Successful plea for the BICE and BNCE-Togo

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A guide written by the BICE becomes a national directive in Togo The BICE and its partner the BNCE-Togo have applauded the decision made by the Togolese government to turn their « Guide of good practices to protect minors in conflict with law » into a national directive in order to guarantee a better protection of children and teenagers in conflict with the law.  

This step forward for the protection of children in conflict with the law was decided by the Togolese Justice Ministry in January 2015. The directive should be adopted by late 2015. The BICE and the BNCE-Togo will ensure the follow up of the adoption process and continue their plea to guarantee the measures are indeed applied.

A reference guide for protecting children in conflict with the law

The guide of good practices for the judiciary and social protection of minors in conflict with the law was written in 2010 by the BICE-Togo – renamed BNCE-Togo since 2012 – in order to contribute to the sustainable development of a culture of respect and of protection of the fundamental rights of children in conflict with the law.

This guide is to be used as a teaching tool for the judiciary and administrative players who work in the field of juvenile justice (magistrates, lawyers, police officers) and for social workers. It will allow them to more efficiently use the criminal laws applicable to minors in a more protective way.

It will also help to improve the knowledge of those working for the protection of children (social workers, psychologists, NGO, religious workers in detention centres).

Finally, it will aid in simplifying the Children’s Code, especially in its regulations about children committing infractions and the administration of justice for minors.

This collection offers answers to the different players who often need guidance and information about caring for children who are in conflict with the law. It will create practical reference guide on the procedures and the fundamental principles related to the protection of children in conflict with the law.

For the BICE, this is the conclusion of our ongoing daily work to help the children of Togo. We are proud and honoured and will remain greatly vigilant to ensure this new directive is applied.