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Why set up a partnership with the BICE?

An internationally recognized association

Our association law 1901 – the International Catholic Child Bureau – recognized as an “exclusive character of charity” has fought for over 65 years for the rights of the child. Our expertise is recognized through our network of partners and members present in thirty countries as well as the UN, UNICEF, the Council of Europe, the International Organization of La Francophonie, and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Global action for children

We work on all areas related to children:

Long-term action

We focus on building partnerships with local organizations to ensure proper support for projects and long-term development of our actions. Our goal is to enable children to live in dignified living conditions.

Rigorously managed accounts

BICE has been a member of the Committee on the Charter of Giving Confidence since 2008. In 2014, our license was renewed for three years. Our financial statements are audited annually by Deloitte auditors. Accuracy and professionalism are part of our daily requirements.

More about our financials.

Who forms partnerships with BICE?

By becoming a partner of BICE, you agree to engage in the defense of the rights of children in the world. There are multiple forms of engagement and we are open to work together in order to define a project that meets your expectations and our needs.

Our various forms of partnerships:

• The sponsorship of skills for our support functions

Skills sponsorship takes two forms: the provision of service or the provision of staff for the realization of a specific project. It is not volunteering and this voluntary contribution is recognized and tax-exempted for the sponsor (Aillagon Act of August 1, 2003). The cost of the service offered corresponds to the amount of the gift and is entitled to 60% of corporate tax cuts limited to 0.5% of total net sales.

In BICE, we seek to develop the support of skills, particularly in communication, to reduce our operating costs and maintain a high quality of service.

• Financial partnership for our projects and events

BICE is financially dependent on the generosity of its donors, but also the support of both public and private backers to expand our actions and consolidate our projects for children. Each partnership is assigned to a specific project and is monitored throughout its implementation.

• The media and services partnerships for our events to raise awareness of the rights of a child

By relaying media coverage or by facilitating the location of events for our demonstrations such as our international conferences, you can help us spread our actions to the public and increase awareness on the rights of a child.

They chose to support BICE

Among the companies associated with the BICE are:

  • Bayard Presse: Skills sponsorship for the corporate brochure 2013-2015, various publishing partnerships
  • Air France Foundation, Foundation OK World …: Financial partners for our field actions
  • Apprentis d’Auteuil, CFRT Le Jour du Seigneur, Télérama…: Festival partners for “Enfants dans le Monde”
  • Scouts et Guides de France, Action Catholique pour les Enfants, Mej, Prions en Eglise junior… : Partners of the Day of Prayer and Action for Children
  • Tchap SSII, Open Linking: Skills sponsorship for the development of the website

Contact us!

email – +33 1 53 35 01 00

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