Ways to give to a NGO for child protection

Make a bequest to protect the rights of the child

Making a bequest allows you to donate some or all of your property to the Bureau International Catholique de l’Enfance. Several forms of bequests are possible:

  • The universal legacy: you bequeath your entire heritage. This is possible only if you have no direct heir.
  • The contingency bequest: you bequeath a portion of your property.
  • The specific bequest: you bequeath a specific property or a sum of money. BICE is a national leading organization that determinedly defends children’s rights.

We have been acknowledged by the French government as a beneficial non-profit organization. In 1996 BICE received the prestigious award of “Les Droits de L’Homme” by the Prime Minister. It has been and will always be our mission to give children a brighter future. Because BICE is an “exclusively charitable” organization, the bequeathed money or property shall be exempt from taxes, inheritance or transfer taxes. All of your legacies will benefit children directly.

To make a bequest, it is essential to draw up a will. It is strongly suggested that you draw up a will to ensure that your wishes are respected. Your notary can advise and guide you. Contact us if you have any questions.

Donation: Begin your commitment now

The donation allows you to transmit part of your heritage to our NGO child protection, in your lifetime. It entitles you to a 66% tax reduction, within a 20% limit of your taxable income. If this limit is exceeded, you can carry the excess deduction over for 5 years.

Your donation shall take effect immediately and is nonrefundable. Your generous donation allows us to continue our actions in defense of children’s rights. The donation is an official act signed and recorded before a notary.


Life insurance: an investment for the rights of children

Life insurance is a flexible and attractive tax savings investment. By registering BICE as a beneficiary of part or all of your life insurance, you can send us a sum of money after your death without writing or changing your will. Over time, increased capital will be forwarded directly to our non-profit children’s rights organization, tax-free. Therefore, your generous gesture will benefit children directly. If needed, your savings is still available, even after listing BICE as a beneficiary.

To sign a contract or change beneficiaries, check with your insurer and your bank.

For more details and the precise meaning of all legal terms, download our special brochure “Bequests, donations and life insurance for BICE” (in French) or feel free to contact Isabelle Mourot who is responsible for donors and bequests (+33 1 53 35 01 00 or email) to receive a free brochure with more information.

Your lawyer: a trusted advisor

You are considering giving a part of your heritage? Do not hesitate to consult your lawyer. He will guide you in your choices, based on your personal situation. Your notary can answer any questions you have and may help you write your will. Your notary ensures compliance with the law and will respect your privacy.

Some examples of what your generosity can do

  • € 4000: physical therapy for children with disabilities for 10 years.
  • € 10,000: Installation of a psycho-judicial unit to safely accommodate child-victims of sexual abuse and violence.
  • € 23,000: training of 30 psychologists and social workers who specialize in assisting victims of child sexual abuse.
  • € 70,000: development of a center for children from broken homes and / or abused; has been in operation for 10 years.
  • € 100,000: full support in a shelter for 40 street children for 5 years.


« My wife and I have always known that we could help those in distress. We have been volunteering for a long time, and so have our children. Throughout our lives, we saved money to help our children, but also to help protect other children in need. Today, our greatest gift is money that we have earned and have set aside. With the approval and encouragement of our 3 children, we bequeath to BICE.» Pierre M.

Contact us

isabelle_mourot_faire_un_legs_bice   Please contact us if you have questions regarding bequests, donations, and life insurance, feel free to contact us.
We are happy to give you information and will in no way make you feel obligated.
You can contact Isabelle Mourot, responsible for relations with donors and testators (+33 1 53 35 01 00 or mail).
She will listen to you, advise you and might come to your home to meet you, free of charge.
Brochure Bequests, donations and life insurance for BICE (in french)

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