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Why make a bequest to BICE?

BICE is a pioneering organization that defends children’s rights: BICE has existed since 1948. Between 1979 and 1989, we participated in the drafting of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, an international treaty ratified by almost all countries of the world. We fight every day to uphold and enforce the Convention.

BICE is a Catholic association: the association was created to answer the call of Pope Pius XII for children ravaged by the Second World War. Our credo: acting in a Christian perspective, serving all children. Pope Francis received us in private audience in 2014, commending the work and encouraging us to continue our actions.

The expertise of BICE is recognized: for over 65 years, the International Catholic Child Bureau has developed interest on specific topics relating to child protection (abuse and welfare, resilience, juvenile justice, right to education, disability, among others). Over 65 years, the International Catholic Child Bureau has become experienced on specific topics relating to child protection. To this day, it has become an organization made up of expert professionals.

BICE is everywhere: through field projects and the dynamics of BICE network, the association is present on 4 continents to support the rights of vulnerable children. It is necessary to promote a world where children’s rights are respected everywhere.

Continue sharing after life

Your commitment to children can continue beyond your existence. Your donation allows us to protect and defend hundreds of children over time. By making a bequest, donation, or by entering our association by being a beneficiary of your life insurance means helping children for a longer time than a single donation. Sometimes, it takes a longer amount of time to make a lasting impact and to help children rebuild their lives so that they can have a better future.

What part of my heritage should I give BICE?

If you have direct heirs, you are legally obligated to give them part of your legacy. You can leave BICE part of your remaining legacy, called “disposable portion” of your legacy. If you have no direct heirs, you can distribute it to whoever you want. To provide ICCB, different possibilities exist. For more information on donations, bequests and life insurance.

Our commitment, your confidence

All projects of the Bureau International Catholique de l’Enfance are conducted and evaluated according to strict protocols. Our financial transparency is guaranteed by an auditor. We are also approved by the Committee on the Charter of the “gift in trust.” This independent body certifies the proper use of funds from public donations.

Exemption from inheritance tax BICE’s action is recognized “exclusively charitable” by decree dated 1 July 2003. Our association is entitled to receive bequests, donations and life insurance, all of which are exempt from inheritance tax. Neither yourself or your heirs, or BICE will have to pay taxes on assets transferred to BICE. Make a bequest, donation or appoint our profit association of life insurance guarantees you the benefit of your generosity comes fully to BICE.

Learn more about the differences between legacy, donation and life insurance  

Examples of what your generosity can help

  • € 4000: rehabilitation and monitoring of children with disabilities for 10 years.
  • € 10,000: equipment and installation of a psycho-judicial listening to accommodate safely the child victims of sexual abuse and violence.
  • € 23,000: training of 30 psychologists and social workers specializing in assisting victims of child sexual abuse.
  • € 70,000: development of a center for children from broken homes and / or abused and operation for 10 years.
  • € 100,000: full support for 40 street children for 5 years in a shelter.
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