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16 August 2016 | 13:57

The 32nd session of the UN Human Rights Council

The 32nd session of the UN Human Rights Council

During the 32nd session of the UN Human Rights Council in June 2016, BICE and its partners actively participated in debates, especially on the fight against sexual abuse and birth registration. Review of the session and the interventions of BICE.

Birth registration: an access to rights for children in Ivory Coast

Nowadays, more than 2 million children are estimated not to have their birth registered in civil registers after birth. However, birth registration is far from being a simple administrative formality. It is a fundamental right that is essential for the exercise of many other rights. Concrete measures have to be taken to solve the problem of non-registration of births.
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Better protecting the child victims of sexual abuse in Georgia

Violence and sexual abuse against children in Georgia is still a concern for BICE and its Georgian partner, PHFG. In order to ensure a better protection of the child victims, it is necessary to take action on three pillars: protection and exclusion orders, free medico-legal certificates and the formation of childcare professionals.
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The fight against child sexual abuse must be a priority in Paraguay

A lot of cases of child sexual abuse have been publicly revealed in Paraguay for several months, leading to the indignation of the population and the organisation of several protests in the country to denounce acts of violence and child abuse. On the occasion of the adoption by the Human Rights Council of the second Universal Periodic Review of Paraguay, BICE and its partners, BECA and Callescuela, called on the authorities to take measures to fight efficiently against sexual violence and improve the assistance and the protection of victims.
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The resolutions adopted by the Human Rights Council on the rights of the child

Important resolutions in favour of children were adopted during the 32nd session of the Human Rights Council. These resolutions focus on the right to education and the fight against violence against children.
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