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The BICE network keeps growing

BICE warmly welcomes six new members to its network: Aina Trust, Association for Compassion for Asian Youth (ACAY), Associazione Vittorino Chizzolini, Corporación de Promoción y Apoyo a la Infancia (Paicabi), De La Salle Solidarietà Internazionale et Public Health Foundation of Georgia.  



The BICE network now counts 69 member organizations extended worldwide, together engaged in promoting the rights and the dignity of children.

It includes international institutions and local structures that are both dynamic and well-established within their territories.

Six new members joining the BICE network

Aina Trust – India

Since 2012, BICE and Aina Trust have lead a program of Early Childhood Support in the region of Bangalore in the south of India whose mission is to welcome and improve the well-being of children whose mothers work in the nearby silk factories.

Association for Compassion for Asian Youth (ACAY) – Philippines

ACAY, based in the Philippines, offers support and aid to adolescents who are victims of abuse or of ill-treatment, as well as youth in conflict with the law.

Through its creative and innovative educational approaches, the association allows these youth to reclaim dignity and direction in life.

Associazione Vittorino Chizzolini – Italy

Associazione Vittorino Chizzolini cooperates with BICE, particularly in its reflections on the topic of the rights to education and to culture.

It operates in RDC, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Cambodia and Honduras and is sustained by educational projects, both formal and informal.

Corporación de Promoción y Apoyo a la Infancia (Paicabi) – Chili

Paicabi is a Chilian organization specialized in supporting children who have been victims of ill-treatment and sexual abuse. It has been in collaboration with BICE since 2010, particularly through its program, “Fight against sexual abuse.

De La Salle Solidarietà Internazionale – Italy

This organization is active in the promotion of human rights and in informal and formal education.

In close collaboration with the Frères des Ecoles Chrétiennes, equally members of the BICE network, it promotes awareness for children on the themes of justice, solidarity and peace.

Public Health Foundation of Georgia – Georgia

Founded in 1999, this association supports children who have been victims of negligence and of abuse.

The BICE and the Public Health Foundation of Georgia have collaborated since 2014 within the program, “Fight against sexual abuse”.

Becoming a member of the BICE network

Since 1948, BICE has operated as an International Catholic network of member organizations committed to the defense and the promotion of the dignity and the rights of children.

Joining our network and combining your knowhow with ours helps us progress in favour of children on all topics related to children’s rights.

Our organization actively represents its members when dealing with international and national institutions, as well as NGO platforms and coalitions in which it takes part. Members are full associates in all of BICE’s efforts of advocacy in favour of children’s rights.

If you would like your organization to become an adhering member of BICE, please complete the request for affiliation dossier.


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