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Why should you join a network of child rights?

  • Share expertise between child protection associations

BICE enables members of the network to exchange information, share knowledge and best practices at our international congresses, themed seminars and the World Day of the Rights of the Child, with the aim of promoting more effectively the dignity and rights of children.

  • Access to BICE training

BICE offers training courses on various topics regarding children’s rights for members of the network:

    • The right to education
    • Juvenile justice
    • Resilience
    • Child protection policies
    • The UN Convention on the rights of the child

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  • Better defending the rights of the child at an institutional level

Our network for child rights is heavily involved in national, regional and international advocacy. Through its active presence at various bodies (UN – Council of Human Rights and Committee on the Rights of the Child – UNESCO, European Council, OIF), BICE can effectively communicate findings and field experiences transmitted by its members. These in turn benefit from BICE’s international expertise for their own advocacy.

  • Participate in BICE’s child protection policy

All child protection associations or childcare institutions must promote proper treatment of children and guard against all forms of physical, psychological and sexual abuse. BICE assists its members in the implementation of a code of conduct and of an internal child protection policy.

  • Increase visibility with the “BICE Network member” logo

We encourage each member association to use our “BICE network member” logo to increase visibility and effectiveness.

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