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A future for all children

“Every child born bearing the message that God has not yet lost faith in humanity.”

Rabindranath Tagore, Indian poet, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913.

Each child is a symbol of the beauty and pain of life, reminding us of our responsibility. Every child born offers new hope for humanity and deserves the best humanity can offer. This is why BICE is committed to protecting the dignity of all children and to enforcing their fundamental rights, too often violated.

Believe in the child

Affirm that the child has rights

Like any other person, the child has inalienable human rights. He is vulnerable and must be protected and supported. BICE instils in children an understanding of their own dignity and rights. BICE also seeks to heighten awareness in parents, relatives and all those involved in the child’s development, including the government.

Promote dynamism in all children

When the rights of the child or young person are denied by poor living conditions, it is possible to help them to regain confidence and self-esteem. Each child has strong inner potential, which can be revealed if he is able to talk, be listened to with affection and respect, and defended when the need arises. BICE promotes this “resilience” which enables the child to recover.

Ensure full development for the child

Children need to be protected, fed, cared for and educated. Psychological well-being is essential. The child’s link with his family and community must be preserved. He has a right to be carefree, to laugh and play, and also to have professional future.

The full development of the child and his happiness, whatever his situation, should also include a spiritual dimension, a reflection on the meaning of life. BICE’s strong evangelical inspiration encourages this dimension.

Harness resources to enable all children to live with dignity

Work on the ground with children in difficulty

In many places, children’s rights are denied in an intolerable fashion : labour exploitation, slavery, abandonment on the streets, abuse and sexual exploitation, forced militarization, detention, inhuman treatment of children with disabilities … These situations lead to violence and appalling suffering for children and adolescents.

To fight against this suffering on the ground – in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the CIS– BICE engages with local partners for the prevention of violence and the uncompromising promotion of children’s rights. The participation of children is central to this action.

Stimulate thinking and research on the child

BICE is the link between experience gained in the field and scientific research on childhood. It provides a space for reflection and continuous questioning. Through its publications, its online resource centre and training courses, BICE shares ideas, expertise and best practices.

Convey the voice of the child

More than ever, the defense and promotion of children’s rights call for a unified global response. BICE works for the cause of children with civil society, governments and international organizations: UN agencies, the Council of Europe, Institutions of the European Union …

Combining the expertise of several organizations for the defense of children’s rights, BICE was one of the was one of the key initiators of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Today, BICE works with other NGOs to ensure the correct application and evolution of this Convention.

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