Financials at BICE | NGO for the rights of the child

Actions extended through the BICE network

BICE’s social missions encompass 4 areas:

  • Programmes and field projects
  • Advocacy and training
  • Research and discussion on childhood
  • Public awareness-raising

BICE’s role is to build a network of organizations to which it brings its own experience and reflections on child protection. These organisations also act as partners in programmes designed and coordinated by BICE.

At a local level, members and partners of BICE place their human and material resources in the relevant programme. They are in constant contact with the BICE team, which retains overall responsibility for the project.

The overall cost of programmes and projects coordinated by BICE does not appear in full in the accounts, which do not include subsidies collected directly by members or partners for these programmes, or their own internal costs.

The economic model of the association

BICE funding, provided by private donors and both public and private funds, guarantees its independence. Thanks to this support, our organization has continued, for over 70 years, to develop long-term projects for children around the world.

This business model ensures BICE’s financial independence, allowing us the freedom to choose our missions and actions in defense of children’s rights, independent of any outside pressure.

In 2021, our resources were distributed as follows:

  • Public generosity: 70%
  • Donors: 30%

Reduced administrative costs

With a constant commitment to transparency and efficiency, our financial management is conducted with the utmost rigor. Our goal is to constantly reduce administrative costs.

Download our financial reports (in French)

Monitoring by the “Comité de la Charte du Don en Confiance”

logo web 90 90The “Comité de la Charte du Don en Confiance” is a French body for the certification and monitoring of appeals for voluntary funding by French NGOs and associations. Its mission is to promote transparency and the ethical management of funds.

Its action is based on the development of ethical guidelines, on NGOs compliance with a collective discipline vis-à-vis its donors, and a continuous monitoring of commitments.

Since 2008, BICE has willingly agreed to this continual monitoring. In 2020, our accreditation was renewed for a further three years. Each year, in line with our commitments, we publish a summary entitled: L’Essentiel. It is disseminated in July, via our quarterly review: Enfants de Partout (in French); it presents an overview of the past year: who we are, what we do, and how we use the funds we receive.

Download l’Essentiel (in French)

Certified by Auditors

In keeping with legal requirement, BICE accounts are certified by our Auditors, Deloitte.

Download the annual accounts and the Audit (PDF):

Download the moral reports (in French)

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