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BICE forms an international network of 80 organizations around the world committed to the defence of the dignity and rights of the child.

In all our actions and missions, we follow the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), a convention that BICE both helped to develop and whose implementation we actively support.

A Catholic association rooted in a Christian perspective

BICE is a Catholic association, recognized by the Holy See. We work to serve all children, without discrimination or proselytizing, whatever their ethnicity, culture, nationality or religion.

5 lines of action to protect the rights of the child

1. Programmes and field projects

Throughout the world, mistreatment, sexual abuse, labour exploitation and discriminations all violate the rights of children. To fight against these violations, we develop programmes and projects benefitting thousands of children ; these programmes are run locally by our members and partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe-CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). They aim to bring about in-depth changes in each country ; rather than an emergency plan, they are part of a long-term commitment.

2. Advocacy and Training

Advocacy is a means of presenting a more effective defense of children’s rights to national and international institutions, including the United Nations (UN). Through its consultative status, BICE is an active participant in such bodies as the Council of Human Rights and the Committee of the Rights of the Child. BICE offers its network of members and partners training courses and seminars on advocacy and the rights of the child. They are primarily for educators, childcare professionals and leaders of child protection organizations. Every two years, BICE organizes an International Congress on a central issue of child rights.

3. Research and thinking on childhood

BICE pilots research on resilience and its relation to children’s rights and spirituality. In addition, other publications are used to disseminate best practices and tools for reflection on BICE’s areas of action.

4. Protection of children in institutions

As an NGO for child protection, BICE proposes that its member associations develop their own internal policy of child protection, and assists the implementation of this policy.

5. Public Awareness and World Day of the Rights of the Child

To raise awareness of children’s rights in young people and in the general public, BICE takes action for the Universal Children’s day on November 20th : each year in Paris, the International Catholic Child Bureau is holding the festival of cinema, Childhood in the World.


To know more about BICE download our new presentation booklet (PDF format).

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