The importance of family to face social challenges

2014 marks not only the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, but also the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family.  



On Monday, November 24th, a conference held at the UN in Geneva by the Forum of Catholic Inspired NGOs, of which BICE is a very active member, took part of this double celebration. This day was intended for an audience of both representatives of various governments and NGO members concerned by this issue.

Presenting good practices aimed at strengthening family skills

Theoretical lectures and good practices were on the agenda of discussion at the conference “The Family, source of strength and security for today’s social challenges”.

The discussions revolved around the opportunities to reinforce the contribution of the natural family environment for the upbringing and development of the child, and the consequences of the economic and financial crisis on the well-being of families.

Good practices were shared during two panels moderated by several organizations that work in the field of support and assistance for children and families and reinforce the role and capacity of parents, the first and primary educators of their children.

Other interventions in post-conflict situations have allowed them to see the work done for the well-being and cohesion of the family beyond the trauma they underwent. Furthermore, experiences related to the protection of families concerning forced migration and education for the most vulnerable children were shared.

Laetitia Chanut, the spokesperson of the BICE campaign “Stop harassment on the Internet”, shared her experience, including the role her family played throughout her personal journey. Her testimony was greatly appreciated and was accompanied by a long acclamation.

The importance of the family emphasized by Pope Francis

In his address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on November 25th, Pope Francis invited the Members of the European Parliament to invest in education starting with the family, a fundamental and valuable part of society. Building society without relying on this essential foundation will be accompanied by serious social consequences:

“Emphasize the importance of the family not only helps to give prospects and hope to new generations, but also to many older people who are often forced to live in solitude and abandonment because there is no longer the warmth of a family home to accompany and support them.”

A speech that echoes the priorities of BICE, which promotes constant attention to family factors in all types of vulnerability that affect children.  

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