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Le pape François

The Pope: « Building a fairer world »

In his message published on February 26th, pope Francis reminds us of the importance of lent which, every year, allows us to “celebrate with a renewed heart le great mystery of Jesus death and resurrection.”


The pope invites all Christians to watch “the open arms of Christ crucified”:Let yourself be saved again and again. And when you come up to confess your sins, believe firmly in his mercy that sets you free from sin. Contemplate his blood poured out with so much love and let yourself be purified by him. You will then be reborn again.”

Open our heart to the misery of others

The founding principles of conversion, the paschal Mystery leads us to its spiritual dynamism. Contemplating it more deeply allows us to reach mercy, open our heart to the misery of others. Hence, the importance of prayer throughout this journey towards Easter. It “can take many forms, but what really matters for God, is that it digs deep into us until managing to harden our heart…” Let’s then receive with gratitude “the passionate will of God to discuss with his children”, says the Pope. And let’s share this wealth rather than accumulate it for ourselves.

« Putting the paschal Mystery at the center of life means feeling compassion for the wounds of Christ crucified perceptible in the many innocent victims of wars, in the affliction of life, from mother’s breast/womb to later life, in the countless forms of violence, environmental disasters, unequal distribution of the earth’s goods, human trafficking…”

The BICE shares this Lenten journey with Central and West African children

With its multiple actions in behalf of children mistreated by life, the BICE endeavours to participate in the “building of a fairer world”, as the Pope recommends it. This year, we are more specifically sharing this Lenten journey with children that we support, with our partners, in Central and West Africa. Children workers of Benin, street children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC), children called “invisibles” of Togo, traumatized children of Mozambique, children with disabilities in Côte d’Ivoire… All these children, victims of violence, injustice, poverty, war, need help to recover. In 2020, we wish to strengthen our actions regarding hospitality, listening, education, resilience, birth records… Thank you for your support if you can. And as the Pope emphasizes: “Sharing in charity makes man more human…”

Message of Pope Francis

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