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The silk workers children




In some areas of India, the bad working conditions of women bring them to expose their children to major risks.

In Sidlaghatta, our partner AINA Trust witnesses frequent accidents such as wounds and serious burns happening to very young children who spend all day with their mother working for the silk factories.

People from Sidlaghatta, in the district of Chilckballapur, in India, live essentially from silk spinning. The owners of the silk mills employ a large population of very poor mothers. The employers are not submitted to any controls in terms of minimum wage policy, security or hygiene regulations, therefore these mothers’ working conditions are very hazardous, not only for them but also for the young children who are near them all day due to the absence of daycare. Some mothers have to restrain their children for their own safety.

Silk workers frequently work around containers full of boiling water used for cocoons cooking and extraction. This careful operation is carried on by hand without any special precautions, often causing important burns and wounds.

Moreover, the lack of childproof structures makes them a place conductive to accidents. As AINA Trust -BICE partner in India- says: critical open wounds provoked by the workplace heat on an infant are common, unfortunately.

Mothers have neither the time nor the means to watch their children or change their diapers. Without these basic care, urinary infections, constipation and superficial skin infections are reported on infants. Besides, malnutrition of women and children is still an important scourge in the workshops.

This environment does not allow a healthy development of the children. BICE insists on reporting this unacceptable and ignored situation and is developing a project aiming at better protecting the life and the rights of these children.

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